Day 355

ISO 800, 45mm, f/11, 0.8 sec.

Day 355 – Passing through

Once again, serendipity wins the prize.

Last night I paced, I watched the clock, I watched the skies… they disappeared and reappeared amongst the clouds.

The magic hour began to arrive for the eclipse and we were in total cloud cover. I had planned to go out into the country to shoot the moon, but alas, what was the point.

For all of eight photos during the eclipse the moon was visible. With each shot I tinkered with my exposure… oh so close, just before midnight.

I digress. The whole point of the story, I pushed my ISO to 800 and left it there. When we arrived at the Mission Mill tonight to take pictures, the train whistle blew and I walked over to the sidewalk beside the track just as it was passing.

No time really to check settings, just get the camera on the tripod, make an educated guess and go for it.

ISO 200, 280mm, f/16, 1/15 sec.

And this is my proof that I stayed up way past my bedtime to play with the man in the moon.

What a trip. Next total eclipse, Wednesday, June 15. Think I will take June 16 off.

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