Day 389

ISO 500, 32mm, f/4.0, 1/640 sec

Day 389 – Puddle jumping

The college is preparing for spring term.

Yup, some days my job is a playground for me. I turned my co-workers loose on setting the stage. They found the models, found the boots, we scouted a location that would hold a puddle and recruited a couple of the fire fighter students to provide the water.

The quest to pull this off began at 9 am this morning and I shot this at 3:37 pm this afternoon.

  • MaggieGem - Great shot… a full day production, but the results are pretty awesome. Kinda explains why my photos look so lame 🙁ReplyCancel

  • Dijea - I love this. Fun and playful! Absolutely great.ReplyCancel

  • Leslie R. Lee - Awesome capture. Surprised that the speed is relatively low for the capture of the water. I guess shooting at a higher ISOReplyCancel

  • thevino - Awesome shot! Reflection and action all in one!!ReplyCancel

  • BZ Training - Ok.. I was with you until I got to "fire fighter students to provide the water" – isn't this the place with the "swamp greyhounds"? With more photo's of rain droplets than we get actual rain droplets???

    Once again, great shot. I love the contrast between the splash itself and the calm waters at the bottom of the picture.ReplyCancel

  • photosto40 - Great shot! I agree with thevino, reflection and action all in a single image is a nice combination!ReplyCancel

  • srmarekphotography - Well, I'm jealous that you get to that for your day job 🙁 LOL Actually, good for you. I hope you had tons of fun – your set up and image turned out great!ReplyCancel

  • Barbara Selkirk - Wow – love this – so much fun – though I was looking for your dogs to be racing through the water too – or at least lapping it up… Fun stuff – and fabulous boots! thanks for sharing a great shot.ReplyCancel