Day 473 – Three seasons

ISO 100, 24mm, f/22, 0.6 sec

On November 11 my friend Jeff from Cranial Aperture and I went up to Silver Falls State Park. We hiked down to the North Falls. Although I have been to Silver Falls many times, North Falls was a first for me and I was captivated by the beauty at the base of the falls.

ISO 100, 24mm, f/22, 0.3 sec

On January 1, during our below freezing temperatures, I thought it would be fun to go back up there and besides, Karen had not seen the North Falls either.

This was probably one of the most dangerous hikes I have ever taken. The trails were covered with slick ice. Icicles that occasionally let loose lined the walls of the canyon.

Still, I was bound and determined to see the North Falls in the dead of winter.

ISO 100, 19mm, f/22, 1/5 sec

Yesterday, April 17, we went up for an almost spring day hike.

The falls are a tad bit unique because the trail goes behind them. The roar of the water pouring down 136 ft. was almost deafening

  • houndstooth - Those falls are beautiful in any weather! I love frozen waterfalls, they are just so majestic and unique. Those frosty plants and trees in the winter shot are so cool, but I love all the green, too. Will you go back in the summertime to complete the set?ReplyCancel

  • John S. Mead - Superb Shots! Just "discovered" you through a RT on Twitter….. I'm looking forward to returning and wandering through you site when I have more time! Kudos on some fine work!ReplyCancel

  • BZ Training - Oh, wow! That's gorgeous!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Laura~DancesWithTeddyBears - Gorgeous shots. So cool that you have the three seasons from basically the same spot.ReplyCancel

  • photosto40 - Great shots, and an awesome idea! Very creative.ReplyCancel