Day 558 – Wet

ISO 100, 105mm, f/4.0, 1/60 sec.

The brochure.

Our assignment for the Project 52 this week was an image for a new water repellent. Her are the details:

  • Bright colors are great!
  • The product works on skin and most materials
  • The product makes water less damaging to the material
  • The product is used in business and consumer products
  • Their target market is product producers

The image was going to be used in three formats:

  • Cover for the brochure. (Square)
  • Banner for the website. (Horizontal – 960 pixels x 245 pixels)
  • Background for the product itself. (Just a section to use for the packaging background) 

Go figure, it rained this morning just for me (actually, it rained all day).

The web banner.

The background texture.

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