Alpine glow

ISO 100, 35mm, f/13, 1/4 sec

Day 662 I wandered around Trillium Lake looking for the perfect place to shoot the sunset. I decided to try the sunset from the dock. A fisherman was trying his luck and we struck up a conversation. He said he had watched a lot of sunsets from that dock.

As the sun continued to set, he looked up and said “Look, there’s the alpine glow, I haven’t seen that for months.”

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  • Sasi S - Awesome shot Terri. Really enjoying your lanscape shots here.ReplyCancel

  • Andrea - Hi Terri, I had met you one night about a week and a half ago when you were both up at Trillium Lake. I see that you’ve captured some fantastic images while you were there! Perhaps I will run into you and Karen again sometime in the future. 🙂ReplyCancel