My best of 2011


When a co-worker called and said he had a new puppy, I was poised and ready with the camera.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse at sunset

This summer was the best at the coast. The days were delightful and the sunsets rocked.

Yaquina Bay Bridge

On one of our evening trips out to the coast, we just happened to hit a full moon.

Crown Point Vista House at sunrise

The fog began to roll in minutes after I took this. I was so glad we got up there when we did.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

I had an opportunity to go to Tacoma, Washington for a work related seminar. I never once considered what I might learn, instead my heart skipped a beat when I thought about the new turf to shoot.

Cedar Creek Grist Mill

A beautiful destination for a Sunday afternoon drive.


We went up to Trillium Lake to shoot Mt.Hood at sunset. Most of my attention was on Mt. Hood. The little voice in my head suggested I turn around.

Mt. Hood at Trillium Lake

This is one of those bucket list images. I just had to have it.


This was my most important image of 2011. Buddy had just turned 14. A week earlier he suffered from a chronic illness and we nearly lost him. One month later we had to put him to sleep. I’m so glad that we took him out for one more portrait.


This is perhaps my best photo of the year. Timber is a borzoi that joined our pack the end of November. He’d only been with us a few weeks when I got lucky, really lucky with this image.

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