A plea for Henry


Day 58, 2012 Henry is one of those beautiful boys that needs a special home. He’s a ten year young boy that has to be an only child. He’s fine with the other dogs in turn-out, but once the leashes come out, he’s not so friendly towards the other dogs any more. He lost his home through no fault of his own, it was a stinkin’ divorce. Some how dogs frequently get the short end of the stick.

I wish I knew what went through the these guys heads and what they were thinking. But hey, have you seen the aggression in some humans? They don’t make sense either.

So if you know of someone that has had an interest in greyhounds and doesn’t have any other pets, send them to the Oregon Greyhound Adoption, we’ll let them meet Henry. Henry really rocks and he just needs a family that is special enough just for him.

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