Beach dogs


Day 35, 2012 Whenever we arrive at the beach, I do two things first. I check to see the where the high water mark is for the tide for two reasons, sneaker waves at the very least get me wet or worse get my camera wet and on the Oregon coast they have been known to be deadly. After I know my safety destination, then I’m scoping the beach for dogs.

This is Tanner. She was probably the friendliest dog we have ever met out at the coast. She came right up to us and as long as her dad held her orange tennis ball captive, she was content to get her ears scratched.


Huckleberry was a black lab playing in the surf with… a tennis ball. The cold waves didn’t phase him at all as his family tossed the ball out toward the incoming waves.

I seriously wonder if the tennis ball people would go out of business if it weren’t for dogs. Any time we go some place that has dogs and people there are always tennis balls.

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