Ray-C, portrait of a horse


Day 55, 2012 As a young girl I always wanted a horse. Of course I have always lived in suburban areas, granted they were very small towns in Montana and Wyoming, but somehow having a horse in the backyard just wasn’t an option.

So, I hit adulthood having little knowledge about horses. Still, I am fascinated by their beauty and majesty. Peggy works for Karen and owns horses. Insert lightbulb here. Without being to much of a pest, I through myself at her feet begging to photograph her horses.

She invited us out to the arena today, I’m still sitting here in awe tonight. These horses had as much as, if not more personality than the dogs. Ray-C is an absolute hoot. He was probably the biggest show-off of the three and he cuddles like a puppy.

Shortly before I took this image he had been rolling in the dirt and kicking his feet in the air. Of course, today was pedicure day, so I suppose he wanted the world to see his tootsies.

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