And they call it puppy love, meet Mykah


Day 63, 2012 This is Mykah, a 12-week old borzoi puppy. I’m going to warn you now, this is an overload of puppy cuteness. He is adorable.

I actually got to meet his momma, Kendra, when she was in search of a borzoi. Through my connections I made with Timber, I was called to screen her home. I knew the minute I met her that she would be a perfect borzoi mommy and I also knew that one way or another, I was going to go back to her house to meet the new puppy with my camera.

Mykah came from a delightful organic farm in Indiana delivered by an amazing business called Shuttle Pet. I watched as Mykah made his journey fairly certain that if I ever had to transport a dog across country and couldn’t do it myself, I would call Shuttle Pet.

I’m convinced there is a reason they call it puppy love, Mykah and Kendra were supposed to be together.

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