Monthly Archives: March 2012

Day dreams

Talley Day 77, 2012 This is the help I have when I wage war against the dust bunnies. The drapes are thrown open, the couch is moved outView full post »

Greyhound sees sun

Flocko Day 76, 2012 Anyone keeping tabs on Oregon weather knows that we have had completely schizophrenic weather. Cold, seasonably warm,View full post »

Another day, another model T

Timber Day 75, 2012 I took Timber back out today to see if we couldn’t clean up his photo from yesterday a little bit more. OfView full post »

My model t

Timber Day 74, 2012 This dog belongs on the stage, in lights. He is just drop dead gorgeous no matter how you spin it. Despite the rainyView full post »

Lookin’ for home cookin’

Jered Day 73, 2012 This is Jered. He waited in the kennels at Oregon Greyhound Adoption for a long time before he went to his forever home.View full post »

Happy go lucky

Matty Day 72, 2012 Matty is one of the new greyhounds at the Oregon Greyhound Adoption kennel. He is just a happy dog. He was so interestedView full post »


Thor Day 71, 2012 There is a saying when it comes to greyhounds, “you can’t have just one.” There is so much truth toView full post »

Built-in rain bonnet

Echo Day 70, 2012 This darling red fawn girl is Echo. It began to rain while I was doing the greyhound glamour shots. Clearly Echo was notView full post »

Someone to play tug with me

Riley Day 69, 2012 I had the pleasure of photographing the new available hounds at the Oregon Greyhound Adoption kennel today. This isView full post »

Janie, girl in training

Janie Day 68, 2012 I followed the puppies in training for The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs tonight. They made their way up and down theView full post »

Orange glow

Day 67, 2012 The moon was just rising as we were driving home from McMinnville tonight. The orange glow was amazing despite the pureView full post »

My model t, still working it

Timber Day 66, 2012 Our days go something like this: Check the weather and if it looks like we are going to have some sort of cooperation,View full post »