High five

Baby boy—K litter

Day 104, 2012 This was the first of two baby boys from the K litter.

As I sat on the ground photographing them, I was completely mesmerized by their one week old puppy cuteness. At that very moment, time stood still for me and I probably could have watched them for hours waiting for one of them to move.

They were all pretty comfy stretched out on the “big dog” bed. It’s hard for me to believe that they will really grow into this bed, but I suspect that as the weeks go by, they’ll take up more room and pretty soon, all five puppies won’t fit on it any more.

I still pinch myself when I think about how lucky I am to be able to photograph them. I have plans. This will probably be the most photographed litter of puppies ever.

Baby boy number gave me a high five.

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