Monthly Archives: April 2012

Cuteness in row

K litter Day 103, 2012 I am following a litter pups from birth to graduation for The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs. On Sunday they turnedView full post »

Sunday afternoon

Timber Day 101, 2012 How could it possibly get any better than this? Timber relaxed in a corner of the acre this afternoon and just sort ofView full post »

Happy day

Talley Day 101, 2012 It was a beautiful day today and it made the doggies quite happy to see the sun once again. Talley found her favoriteView full post »

Puppy pile

The 'K' litter Day 100, 2012 I had the pure joy of photographing a less than 12 hour old litter of golden retriever pups this week.View full post »

Test drive

Timber Day 99, 2012 I’m test driving a new lens today. I have read review after review on the new Canon 70-300 f/4-5.6L lens and itView full post »

Isn’t it time we walked?

Timber Day 98, 2012 Alright, who taught this boy to tell time? The lighting was nice, I just wanted a few images. He, on the other handView full post »


Stella Day 97, 2012 Stella played in the surf the entire time I watched her. She walked along the front edge at first. And then as theView full post »

Dory and Sam

Dory Day 96, 2012 Cape Kiwanda is a fishing beach. Dory boats are flat bottomed fishing boats that take off and land right on the beach.View full post »

Daisy stick and Sally ball

Day 95, 2012 When we walked onto the beach Saturday, I scanned quickly for dogs and noticed a pair of black dogs in the distance wearingView full post »


Roscoe Day 94, 2012 It was a fabulous day in the Pacific Northwest. Blue skies and sun. We quickly decided that it was a day for a trip toView full post »

Yes Crystal, there is really is a sun

Crystal Day 93, 2012 After weeks and months of rain and even more rain predicted, I was so surprised when I looked to the west tonight andView full post »

Sometimes you feel like a nut

Autzen Day 92, 2012 This little lab is such an entertaining little girl. Talk about a happy dog and completely treat motivated. She shouldView full post »