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When you wish upon a star

Adam Day 91, 2012 On April 9, 2008 Adam was diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. He was one sick puppy and we weren’t sure heView full post »

All ears

Jori Day 90, 2012 In contrast to Minnie, Jori is all ears. In fact, is there really a greyhound amongst all of those ears? Jori was one ofView full post »

Really Minnie

Minnie Day 89, 2012 I have had these adorable greyhound ears all week. That is until tonight. Minnie, the little fat head was less thanView full post »

Shades of Bleu

Danny Bleu Day 88, 2012 Danny Bleu has always been my love. We adopted him in May 2005. It was love at first site and that love is stillView full post »