The K litter, week 3

The K litter

Day 115, 2012 Today the K litter turned three weeks old. I hadn’t been over to visit them for two weeks and was astonished at how much they had grown. Their momma gets a gold medal for her milk. These guys are well on their way to being assistance dogs for The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs.

See that one in the middle, the one with the yellow ribbon. I predict she’s going to be the ring leader of the litter. She was the second pup born and she had a whole lot to say right afterwards.

I needed to spend a little quality time with these guys today and I can’t wait to get back over there again. I suspect that the next time I go over, Miss Yellow will be challenging her siblings to foot races around the dining room, climbing challenges to the top of the couch,  and maybe even a few food fights.

Oh ya, I can hardly wait. This is just like being the grandma, I get all of the fun and none of the hard work.

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