Animal, mineral, vegetable-part 2

Central Oregon, a closer look

Day 130, 2012 I loved being in Sunriver. There was just so much to see.

Just as the sun was setting, we drove by the stable horses grazing in the pasture. I immediately parked the car and hopped out. As I walked closer to the fence, this beautiful bird flew in long enough for me to capture him and dart off.

The first few evenings were crystal clear and beautiful. I’ve always wanted to shoot star trails and I tried my luck from the deck. Our cabin was surrounded by trees and it was nearly impossible to avoid them, but if you looked straight up, this is what our skies looked like at night.

The bottom photo is another piece of lava in a field of lava. Driving by the flows, I never get the chance to see how beautiful and unique each rock really is.

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