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Central Oregon

Day 129, 2012 We just returned from our vacation in Central Oregon. To say the least, it was fabulous. I was so surprised by how different the landscape was. It was so dry as compared to the green lusciousness of the Willamette Valley. Timber has been receiving medical care for nearly six weeks now and we are tube feeding him so he really couldn’t go to the kennel. We took Timber and Crystal and rented a small cabin in Sunriver.

As we walked and toured around, I was mesmerized by the wonderful texture and color of the area. I spent a good deal of my time getting a closer look at everything. Not always easy with a leashed dog by my side, but Karen and I did our best to make things work.

Most of the area was created by volcanic activity and everywhere we went lava was protruding from the ground.

The cattails were at Smith Rock State Park. As I hopped over a small ditch to walk out into a field I thought about the possibility of snakes. I walked around to the opposite side of the cattail marsh and moved in as close as I could, only to have a snake slither beside me and into the marsh. I have to mention here that I really am not a snake fan, it really creeped me out, but I held steadfast and continued to shoot until I was happy. It wasn’t until I returned to the car and was on our way back to the cabin that we read that rattlesnakes are in the park.

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