Flashman the bookstore dog


Day 132, 2012 On our last day in Sunriver we took one last walk around the village. We were there during off-season and the carpets rolled up early in the day for most stores. We looked in the windows and talked about our next trip over there when I saw a book in the window “Oregon Hikes for Dogs.” As we got to the door, the store was still open and I wanted to run in and grab the book.

Immediately, this guy popped his head up over the counter. What a greeting. The store owner said that Crystal and Timber were welcome to come in. Sunriver has got to be the most dog-friendly place I have ever visited.

I continued to be charmed by Flashman. He’s nine years old and wise beyond his years. I suspect that since he has a day job working in the bookstore that he has probably read most of the books. In fact, he may be in charge of ordering. I knew the owner was probably dying to go home for the evening, but I had to ask if I had time to run home and bring back the camera. She smiled sweetly and said of course.

I left Karen and the two dogs there and ran back to the cabin.

While I was gone, Karen and Deon, the owner chatted about dogs and books. By the time I returned, Karen had a stack of reading material to take back home. Who knew there were dog mystery books? I nearly forgot the hiking book.

If you are ever in Sunriver, you have to go see Sunriver Books and Music. Deon and Flashman are definitely worth stop.

Could you really pass by this face?

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