Meet Frazier


Day 131, 2012 Between making three trips to the vet for our own dogs today, Karen and I made a fast trip out to the Marion County Dog Shelter to take photos of the adoptable dogs available. Oh my gosh, what a nice, nice group of dogs.

There were three that I would have loved to bring home in a heartbeat. Frazier was one of them.

He just struts “I’m a really cool dog.” When you look at his black ear, the markings on it almost make him look like he has a third eye.

At first he was just a little shy of the camera, but he quickly made friends with Karen. Apparently she was his security blanket. Or, she’s the one that had treats in her pocket.

If you have room in your home and your heart and you live in Marion County, check out some of the dogs waiting for their forever homes at the Marion County Dog Shelter.

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