Monthly Archives: May 2012

The fur balls

The fur ball Day 123, 2012 When I talked to the vet about coming up to photograph Miss Buttercup, they warned me about the furView full post »

Buttercup, a silken windhound

Buttercup Day 122, 2012 at roughly the same time that the red head came home, our  vet brought home an adorable silken wind hound puppy. IfView full post »

Wanna see my scar?

Timber Day 122, 2012 Well on the way to recovery, at least from the abdominal surgery, I wanted to be sure to catch a photo ofView full post »

The stately hound

Flocko Day 121, 2012 I’ve been held hostage all week by lousy weather and a sick borzoi. The clouds finally parted today and the sunView full post »

I’m a hound dog – Meet Tucker

Tucker Day 120, 2012 It’s been a long time since I have watched a Disney movie with my now grown daughters. But of all the movies weView full post »

I’ll show you mine

Mickey Day 119, 2012 I love greyhound ears and eyes. They are always so expressive. Their ears are also practical. I can’t tell youView full post »

My model T in blue

Timber Day 118, 2012 Even the most famous models have minor set-backs and I guess my Model T is no different. Timber had surgery on SundayView full post »

Portrait of Gary

Gary Day 117, 2012 Gary is one of The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs that is nearly ready to graduate. He is going to make one amazingView full post »