12 weeks – the babies are growing up


Day 162, 2012 It’s been a busy spring and I hadn’t made my way over to see the babies. They barely had their eyes open the last time I saw them and now they are adorable fluff balls.


This is the K litter for The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs. I can’t believe how fast they are growing.


Puppies must be little sponges, I can’t believe how fast they are learning. Already they are doing a sit, a down and a stand on command. A little dancing was even in order.


Of course, there is a ringer in every crowd. You don’t have to adjust your monitor, this little guy really is almost white.


I left on cuteness overload. I really would have loved to have all of them crawl into lap and just stay there all day. Oh, if only they could just stay little and fluffy… we maybe not these guys, they have important jobs to do in about 15 months.

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