Autzen—the linebacker, not the stadium


Day 153, 2012 When I was of the childbearing age, I wanted girls. Girls to wear pink, girls with long hair. I never thought far enough ahead to think about son-in-laws and grand dogs and football.

Autzen is my first grand dog. When you live in Oregon, you are one of two things: a duck (University of Oregon) or a beaver (Oregon State University). My son-in-law Joe is a U of O graduate, a proud duck and what better way to name your dog than after the alma mater football stadium, Autzen Stadium.

Autzen had been down to see the vet and he was the one that said she needed to lose weight. I just figured she was out to be a linebacker. And besides, she really looks good, what girl doesn’t need to drop a pound or two?

Her glistening chocolate coat is beautiful in the sun. She is one playful, happy and mildly spoiled pup. As she should be.

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