It’s been a ruff kinda weekend


Day 158, 2012 I can hardly believe Monday is staring me in the face already. It’s been a fabulous week-end, it’s been kinda ruff.

Saturday morning we went out to the Marion County Dog Shelter. Bruiser was my first pup of the day. All he wanted to do was crawl into my lap, roll over onto his back and get his belly rubbed. He was just too cute for words and a definite heart breaker. He’s a chihuahua mix and only 2 years old. He’s bouncy and playful and cuddly. A perfect package.


I have a confession. I’ve been stalking an afghan hound. I first met Pinkie at the dog show in Albany. This gorgeous girl has just stormed my heart. When I found out that she was going to be showing in Clackamas County Kennel Club in Canby this week-end, I made sure we had time to get up there to see her again.

I love the way her hair flows when she is on the run. Of course, there is just something about afghans. To me they look like a combination of teddy bear and human on the run. Her owner graciously let me take a few photos of her after she won the breed competition.

Oh be still my beating heart.


And then, oh my, I met up with the K litter at The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs. This is Karla. I haven’t been over there since they were just beginning to open their eyes and poof!, they turned into fluff balls.

They were so much fun to watch in all of their puppy energy. The most impressive piece was how they all immediately settled as soon as Joy stepped into the picture. 12 weeks old and they are already sitting, standing and have full command of a down.

Ah yes, all week-ends should be so ruff.

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