Monthly Archives: June 2012

Double the fun

Jillian and Slinky Day 151, 2012 Everyone should have a pair of litter mates. They are just too much fun. Jillian and Slinky have beenView full post »

I wish I may, I wish I might

Mickey Day 150, 2012 Have the wish I wish tonight. I love the twilight time of the evening, it’s probably my favorite time of dayView full post »

A gentleman and a scholar

Berg Day 149, 2012 This is Berg and he’s waiting at the Marion County Dog Shelter for his forever home. He is such a stately lookingView full post »

Cute and spunky

Benson Day 148, 2012 I think Benson may be the first Jack Russell terrier that I have met. He behaved just like all the descriptions. CuteView full post »

The definition of cute

Bronx Day 147, 2012 Black and white dogs have always sung the loudest in my heart. Then you combine personality and ultra-cute and you getView full post »

But where is my mom?

Stanley Day 146, 2012 Stanley is one of the dogs out at the Marion County Dog Shelter. He is one cool dog. He was so beautiful in front ofView full post »

I’m walking on sunshine

Moose Day 145, 2012 Moose is one of those happy, happy dogs. When I took this last night it made me think of the song “I’mView full post »

And then there was Hope

Hope Day 144, 2012 All I can say is it is a good thing the inn is full right now. Karen and I went out to the Marion County Dog ShelterView full post »

Snowy white

Blender Day 143, 2012 Little Miss Blender is about to turn 13. In the beginning she was my daughter’s foster dog. She was extremelyView full post »

More Minnie

Minnie Day 142, 2012 Minnie really was quite the ham when we were out the other night. The little schoolyard in the country was located atView full post »

Sunset from the east side

Cascade mountain range from Sunriver Day 141, 2012 The general rule of thumb when we travel is that I get sunrises and sunsets and KarenView full post »

I long to be back

Sunriver Day 140, 2012 I long to be back on vacation in Sunriver. I miss the trails through the village, I miss the early mornings and theView full post »