Monthly Archives: July 2012

Move over rookies

The boys are still in town VNP Radar Riley Day 189, 2012 So the rookies came to the kennel. All shiny and new and few have already foundView full post »

Oh boy, it’s close

Day 188, 2012 I doubt that by this time it would surprise to anyone to know that photographing dogs makes my heart go pitter patter. MyView full post »

Puppies, people and pictures

Day 187, 2012 As I made my way down I-5 from Seattle to Salem, I thought about my three days as a participant in the Creative LiveView full post »


Kane Day 186, 2012 It’s not often I am forced to do a double-take when Karen retrieves the adoptable pups for photos at the MarionView full post »


Day 185, 2012 How could anybody not fall completely head over heals in love with this guy? He’s waiting for his forever home at theView full post »

My model T – sunset surprises

Timber Day 184, 2012 I have learned that predicting sunsets is nearly impossible. I can watch the weather all day, watch the cloud coverView full post »

The Iggy

Graham Day 183, 2012 My introduction to the world of sight hounds was an Italian greyhound. I was mesmerized. I fell in love. The firstView full post »

Lil’ Abner

Abner Day 182, 2012 One more from the Oregon Greyhound Adoption kennel. This is Abner. Greyhounds will always be near and dear to my heart.View full post »

Hans, short for handsome

Hans Day 181, 2012 This is Mr. Look At Me I’m Sooooo Handsome. There is this silly little wives tale out there that black dogs areView full post »


Tia Day 180, 2012 Tia is another one of the new hounds in the Oregon Greyhound Adoption kennel. I was immediately smitten by her big brownView full post »

The teddy bear on stilts

Jerry Day 179, 2012 This is Jerry. He’s one of the hounds at the Oregon Greyhound Adoption kennel and he is probably my favorite.View full post »


Timber Day 177, 2012 Sometimes my mind works overtime. I had this wild hair that I would take Timber down to the river below the railroadView full post »