My model T – sunset surprises


Day 184, 2012 I have learned that predicting sunsets is nearly impossible. I can watch the weather all day, watch the cloud cover and still not know what I’m going to get. A destination is a destination and they are always glorious, but… when you want a sunset, cloud cover can be really disappointing.

We headed out to the coast on a whim and was thrilled to see a clear sky. As we got closer, we noticed the heavy cloud bank on the horizon. That only meant one thing, not much color in our future. As we walked down on the beach, we played a little, danced in the water and I watched the sun.

In a moments notice, I knew that if I was going to capture anything, it was right then because I knew once the sun disappeared behind the cloud bank, the skies would be gray.

A family driving on the beach recognized what I was doing, realized that Timber was a sight hound and he stopped his truck to make sounds from the driver’s seat. Timber was completely enchanted, it was perfect.

I was so excited the entire drive home in anticipation of what I was hoping I captured and I wasn’t disappointed.

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