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Oregon Greyhound Adoption

Day 169, 2012 Anyone that knows me will say I’ve gone to the dogs. It really is no secret. As I worked my way through photography, inching my way off of the automatic everything green square on my camera to actually understanding what I was doing, pet photography became a natural choice.

During the learning process I discovered an amazing online learning environment known as CreativeLive. Every chance I get, I find myself glued to the monitor as they bring in one talented instructor after another. Earlier this week they announced a pet photography workshop. To say that I’m over the moon excited is an understatement. To think that I could actually be part of the live studio audience as a participant is, well, I wanna be there. ‘Nuff said.

They challenge the participants from the very beginning, they ask that we make a video and post it to Twitter, Facebook and blog about it. In 60 seconds, they want to know why we should be there.

60 seconds, surely you jest. On the one hand, how could I possibly tell them everything they should know to select me. On the other hand, do you have any idea how long 60 seconds lasts when you are trying to fill it up with jibber jabber?

So, here’s my plea, here is why they should pick me to participate in the CreativeLIVE audience for Pets and People Photography with Vicki Taufer.

By day I am a graphic designer for a community college, I love my job, it’s a great job.

If you want to know what makes my heart go pitter patter, it’s the connection between me, my camera and a dog… or cat, or anything fluffy.

I’ve been involved with greyhound adoption for over 10 years. My partner and I have adopted many, fostered many and had our hearts broken by a few as they crossed the bridge. Taking photos of the greyhounds available for adoption is one of my greatest joys. Greyhounds belong in front of the camera, they are all so beautiful.

The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs

Earlier this year, I connected with a non-profit group that trains dogs from birth to become assistance dogs. It’s an amazing organization from the founder Joy to all of her delightful volunteers. I have to pinch myself to realize that I really am so lucky to a part of this incredible group of people. I’m watching these puppies grow and mature right before my very eyes and before I know it, their leashes will be handed over to someone that they will assist and I will be there to photograph that moment.

Marion County Dog Shelter

One of my hardest volunteer opportunities is the Marion County Dog Shelter. Oh my gosh, I am amazed at how wonderful these dogs are. All of the dogs have been picked up as a stray or lost. If they haven’t been claimed within five days, they are placed in the adoption program. These dogs are so sweet. I wish I were in a position to scoop them up and take them home. I can only hope that my photography will help them find their forever homes.

Megan and Caleb

Each time I sit down on the ground to photograph a dog, my desire to become a pet photographer is grows stronger. I want to know that all of my ducks are in a row and that is why I want to be in the CreativeLIVE audience for Pets and People Photography with Vicki Taufer.

My video plea…

Pets and People Photography CreativeLIVE submission

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