My how they are growing

April 8, 2012 • One day old

Day 211, 2012 Some days I have to pinch myself, I must be the luckiest person I know.

I’m following the K litter for The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs. I was there for labor and delivery and now I’m watching them grow. Little golden puppies, it just doesn’t get too much better on the cuteness scale.

This little guy is about 10 hours old.

April 15 • Seven days old

One week later I was completely amazed at how much they had grown. I was completely smitten by the itsy bitsy paws.

April 29 • Three weeks old

That momma sure knew how to feed her babies. By the time the litter was three weeks old they looked like cute little sausages with their eyes open.

July 1 • Almost three months old

I missed a couple of weeks and all of sudden they had reached that adorable fuzzy, I love you, I love you, I love you, land shark puppy stage. This is Kirby, in the next photo he’s almost seven weeks older and wow, has he changed.

Already they were learning to sit. I love this stage.

August 24 • Four and half months old

I’ve been working with Joy most of the summer on another project, so I haven’t always had the pups close to my lens. When Kirby came out to be my model today I was shocked at how much he had grown. He’s starting to look like an adult. How on earth did that happen? All of a sudden the fuzzy puppy has become a leggy little guy just waiting to grow into those legs. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

So, tomorrow I fly out of Portland to Missoula, Montana. I’ll be attending a week long photography workshop at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. Zack Arias will be teaching all week and I am so excited. I suspect that I may one of the first pet photographers he’s had in his workshops since he is mainly a portrait photographer. My way of looking at this is if it’s good for people, it’s gotta be even better for pets.

Last year I took a one-day workshop with him, we met at 9 am, started working at 10 am and ended the workshop at midnight. I really have no idea what to expect, but I am braced for an awesome learning experience.

Not sure if and when I’ll get a chance to post, but I’ll have details for sure when I return September 1.

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