The family portrait

Day 196, 2012 Several years ago, I was on the front line of adoption and fortunate enough to place many greyhounds into their forever homes. I rarely ever forget a family or  greyhound.

On Saturday at the WillaMutt Strut, not only did Salem hit the hottest day of the season, but we tied for the highest recorded temp. I think we hit 102° that day. It was bloody hot. The event was supposed to go until noon, but as we listened to the announcements, it sounded like they were going to wrap things up early because of the heat.

At that very moment, a young woman came up to the booth, and asked if I remembered her, I did, but she didn’t have the greyhound that we adopted. The hound I remembered was a dark fawn female and on Saturday she was accompanied by a beautiful black boy, Artie. Sadly, she had lost her girl to cancer and happily, Artie just leaned into her life one day when she was making a delivery and least expected it.

They wanted to get a photo of their pups, the two little ones were riding around in a stroller and I suspect that the six of them ran in the race together.

Artie, the greyhound really wanted nothing to do with having his photo taken. It became clear very quickly that the only  way he was going in was if the whole family joined him. I even had to pull out my secret weapon squeaker to get his ears to stand up. I got one good photo of all of them and let them loose because it was beastly hot back in that tent.

Meet Baxter the llasa apso, Josie the chihuahua, Cheyenne the lab and Artie the greyhound.

  • Tonya Jo Stein - E and I look hot and tired, but the kids look like they could go again.ReplyCancel

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  • Daryn Jones - That is a FABULOUS PICTURE! Love it!ReplyCancel

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  • Patti Krueger Albright - Great photo… also give praise to the photographer for gathering this group and doing great job of catching that moment .ReplyCancel

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