My model T – moonstruck

Borzoi at the Oregon coast during moonset


Day 240, 2012 I have a bucket list. Photos that I want to try and of course succeed with. One of them includes a full moon, the beach and a dog.

Many things have to align in order for this one to happen. A full moon, that happens at least 12 times a year. A clear night on the coast. That one is always a crap shoot. I have only been out to the coast for a few sunrises because if I’m up for a sunrise, I’m looking east, not west and this was the first time ever that I have hit the coast that early in the day and it wasn’t overcast and it wasn’t fogged in. In fact, it was perfect. I also need a dog. OK, living with Timber is like having a model available 24/7.

We didn’t even have to get up that early, we were able to sleep until 4 am, run and feed the dogs and have our coffee. It only takes about an hour and 20 minutes to drive to our favorite beach at Pacific City just north of Cape Kiwanda.

I never expected the bonus round of arriving close to sunrise. The colors were so rich and beautiful.

This isn’t the image I had in my head, so I’m not crossing the full moon shot off of the bucket list yet, but this was a totally unexpected surprise.

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