Captain of the crew


Day 293, 2012 I love a challenge. Joy said, “If you can get ears, I’ll give you a $100.” With a snicker, I thought easy money.

Captain immediately gave me attitude. And I thought, go ahead pretty boy, I have something you want.

So when he wandered over to get a few ear scritches, I whispered ever so softly in his ear.

I had something he wanted. I had something he could have.

I have these delightful little squeaky toys that fit in the palm of my hand and Captain was extremely fond of the duck.

I told him that if he gave me ears, I would let him have my very favorite duck.

And from that picture forward, we got ears. Now the question is, Joy, is it $100 for every picture with ears?

And yes, I am down another squeaky duck. So worth it.

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