Connections—the furry forever kind

Greyhound/human connection


Day 287, 2012 Last week I mentioned how hard it was as a volunteer when a greyhound is returned. It is heartbreaking.

On the opposite of the coin lies the sheer joy of a hound that has found their forever family. Mabel found hers. She and Herb have this conversation every day and the mutual adoration beams between them.

Black greyhound

Mabel looks marvelous for a 10.5 year old girl.

Christy had written a story about greyhound adoption for a local newspaper about adoption. After the story was in print, they decided that maybe they ought to meet a greyhound and attended a local adoption event. Mabel was a little shy at first, but she clearly sent out the vibes that they were her family. I don’t think Herb ever left her side the entire time they were there for the portrait session.

black greyhound

She never took her eyes off Herb either. The two were connected at the hip.

Greyhound portrait display

Mabel and Herb are a connection suitable for framing.

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