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Rhodesian ridgeback


Rhodesian ridgeback Day 271, 2012 I spent my afternoon helping with the Rhodesian ridgeback rescue today. These dogs were absolutelyView full post »

Greyhound for adoption - Oregon Greyhound Adoption


Honey Day 270, 2012 When Honey came up on the list for the next dog to be photographed, my mind immediately went to a petite fawn female.View full post »

Gabby, cat for the 2013 Pets of Salem calendar

The lucky cat

Gabby Day 269, 2012 Nearly all of the wisdom imparted from my mother involved animals. After I had moved out and started a family of myView full post »

Chaos - Cat for the 2013 Pets of Salem calendar

Caution – Chaos ahead

Chaos Day 268, 2012 Chaos is a red abyssinian. She was a little shy, but very curious and I loved the intensity of her stare. Chaos will beView full post »