When memories coming flooding back

German shepherd mix


Day 289, 2012 Mika is one of the dogs that came to the Oregon Greyhound Adoption fundraiser. She is an amazingly beautiful 9.5 year old German shepherd mix. Her owner’s sister had brought her in for her portrait.

Mika is being treated for an illness now and they don’t really know what the outcome will be.

German shepherd mix

The plan was, that Mika’s owner would get portraits of Mika as a surprise Christmas gift. What a wonderful idea.

I began focusing on pet photography for the very same reason. We had a 14 year old greyhound diagnosed with a potentially untreatable disease. In his last weeks with us, I made sure that I got a beautiful portrait of him, something that I would have forever when he only lived in our hearts. I wanted to be able to give that gift to everyone.


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