Ying Yang, just another word for love

Black greyhound


Day 285, 2012 Tux is the poster child for puppy love. Carolyn met him as a small puppy preparing for his racing career. She would go out to the farm and play with him. At the end of each session, she would look deep into to his eyes and promise him that when he retired, he had a couch waiting for him. He didn’t have to pass go, he didn’t have to collect $200.

And sure enough, when he retired, Carolyn was waiting with fancy collars and a heart full of love.

White and black greyhound


Mac, the gorgeous cow dog had connections when he retired. Knowing that his momma, Park, was in the best home ever, he wrote home to her faithfully every week. He made sure she knew what a wonderful, gorgeous and good boy he was. Sure enough, when he was handed his retirement papers, he went home to live with his momma and Carolyn.

Black and white, white and black greyhounds

Tux and Mac

Carolyn calls these two hunky hounds Ying and Yang.

I call them perfect for over the couch.

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