It’s all about the ears


Day 315, 2012 I remember the first fawn greyhound I ever met. Her name was Ona and she was available for adoption. Her big soft brown eyes reminded me of a dear and I was smitten.

When Benny came over to have his photo taken, I went back nearly 11 years remembering Ona. Big and beautiful with soft brown eyes.

Benny was all of that, with a soul as gentle as a lamb. His mom said that Benny was all about his ears. She wasn’t kidding. Those standy-up ears are fabulous. He even sported a green and gold University of Oregon collar. Since I work in an office filled with U of O fans, I totally appreciated it.

Benny, your heart of gold will never be overshadowed by those gorgeous ears, but your mom is right, those ears rock.

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