Day 316, 2012 I think the year was 1964. I was very young and didn’t quite understand that my grandfather had just died. I just knew that we were not going to be in our house for Christmas.

My grandparents lived in a tiny town in western Nebraska. I was young enough to be completely oblivious to everything around me, yet old enough to understand Christmas traditions. As Christmas Eve approached, I wondered if there would be any presents under the tree. On Christmas morning I was delighted that Santa had found me, underneath the tree sat Raggedy Ann and Andy.

It has been years since I have thought of my two prized dolls. A few years back, one of our adopters called and asked if I would like some of her daughters stuffed animals for our greyhounds. Inside the carefully packed bag sat Raggedy Ann. Christmas Eve felt like the perfect time to bring her out. Thank you Molly and Debby.

Merry Christmas to all

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