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Red and white chihuahua

Totally Tank

Tank If there were such a thing as a cliché for a ladies man, it would have to be this little guy. This is a Tank, he’s a seven-yearView full post »

Blue Scottish fold cat

Bleu Kat

Meredith Well, Meredith has been with us for nearly three weeks now. She’s doing really well and settling in nicely. Still not soView full post »

Fawn greyhound

Handsome lad needs a couch

Jered This handsome boy needs a couch to call his own. He’s sweet and clearly a fun-loving boy. Jered is seven-years old, but for aView full post »

Two greyhounds


Flocko, Crystal I have never just let dogs wander in and out of the photo before, but I had a pretty good time the other night with theView full post »

Fawn greyhound

For my eyes only

Talley I have no idea what she was watching so intently, but I didn’t have a snowballs chance of getting her attention. What ever sheView full post »

Three greyhounds

Treat me

Crystal, Minnie, Talley These girls have one thing and one thing only on their minds… they want their treats. Perhaps they should beView full post »

White and black chihuahua mix available for adoption

Whatcha waiting for?

Tali Marion County Dog Shelter usually has dogs of all sizes available for adoption. This little sweetie is a 2 year old chihuahua mix. SheView full post »

Black pit bull

Mr. Cuteness looking for a home

Yankee When we went out to the Marion County Dog Shelter last week to take photos, there weren’t that many dogs available forView full post »

Puppy in foster care for Marion County Dog Shelter

Good golly Miss Molly

Molly Miss Molly is a puppy in foster care for the Marion County Dog Shelter and as we left the building on Saturday there was a familyView full post »

Brindle pittie available for adoption at the Marion County Dog Shelter

Opie, the snuggle pittie

Opie One look at Opie and my heart skipped a beat. There is just something about brown eyes and forward-floppy ears. As I sat on the floorView full post »

Fawn greyhound

Celebration of the heart

Moose He is our boy, we flew him home straight from the track in Florida. He was probably one of the best dogs… ever. Today, we saidView full post »

Borzoi at sunset

T to the B

Timber The Willamette Valley is in some sort of fog funk. For many days now we have been socked in tight with an extremely cold fog. MostView full post »