T to the B

Borzoi at sunset


The Willamette Valley is in some sort of fog funk. For many days now we have been socked in tight with an extremely cold fog. Most days the temperature doesn’t even get above 35°. Oddly enough, the weather is fabulous out at the coast. Sunny and warm and today was no different.

After photographing the adoptable dogs at the Marion County Dog Shelter, we decided we needed to get out of the valley, even if it was only for a brief period of time. Of course, the big question is always who gets to go for a ride. Since Timber’s the biggest dog in the house, we always see his paw first when he holds it up high to say me, me, me.

Pacific City did not disappoint us. It was beautiful out there. No wind, 48° and mostly clear skies.

Oh how I love my sunset dogs.

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