Monthly Archives: March 2013

Borzoi at sunset photo

My model T at the beach

Timber The weather has been amazingly beautiful lately. If my memory serves me, it has been really uncharacteristic as compare to otherView full post »

Greyhound at sunset photo

My hunka, hunka hound dog

Flocko The weather is amazing right now. It is unseasonably warm, sunny and delightful. Are we really in Oregon? This is just outside ofView full post »

Beagle mix photo

A little shy, a lotta sweet

Danny  This little guy is Danny. He is a two-year old beagle mix available for adoption at the Marion County Dog Shelter. He is a littleView full post »

Yellow lab photo

Another one gets a home

Dexter Dexter is a five-year old yellow lab that was looking for a home while having a little R & R at the Marion County DogView full post »

Black lab mix photo


Queenie Karen and I were out at the Marion County Dog Shelter last Saturday taking photos. As always, they had some really niceView full post »

Give me pink

Ida Hope O’tato This adorable little pit bull puppy is Ida. She’s the bosses dog. She’s five months old and absolutelyView full post »

golden retriever puppy photo

On a mission

Opie I had the pleasure of meeting Opie in February at Nature’s Pet Salem and I was thrilled to see him come to the Party in the ParkView full post »

german shepherd photo

Time to play ball

This little beauty went to the park with one thing on her mind. It was time to play ball. She didn’t really care that we were thereView full post »

golden retriever in pool photo

Swimming lessons

Joys of Living Assistance Dogs The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs had swimming lessons tonight at the Pawsabilities Unlimited pool. Some ofView full post »

Great pyrenees photo


Percy Percy is one of the sweet doggies that comes to see me when I am out and about. This guy is such a love sponge. And he only has eyesView full post »

Pomeranian mix available for adoption photo

Cute and fluffy

Nick  This adorable little guy is Nick. He’s available for adoption at the Marion County Dog Shelter. How on earth does such a cutieView full post »

The morning after

Taffy Taffy is another one of my long lost friends. She posed with Santa and now she’s wearing da green. She’s quite theView full post »