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Great pyrenees photo


When I do the events at Nature’s Pet Salem, I’m always excited to  see who comes.

Some days I make new friends, some times I see old friends.

And some days, my heart is truly warmed when I get visits by special friends.

Percy is one of those dogs. When I first met him, he had just been adopted. He was one of those “foster failures.” Somewhere between 10 minutes and two hours, Percy had determined that he had found his forever home. That was ten months ago and this boy has blossomed.

He tells whole stories with just his eyes alone.

He has true love for his mom.

great pyrenees

This is his look of, I can’t believe you are asking me, the great white gentle giant, to get up on that itsy bitsy settee.

Great pyrenees

He even double-checked with his mom to see if one, he should be on the settee and two, did he really have to do it. He wasn’t sure that burgundy and roses were really appropriate for such a handsome fella.

Great pyrenees

Once he figured out that he truly looked gorgeous up there and that he actually fit, he relaxed and worked the camera like a true model.

Great pyrenees photo


Since the last time I saw Percy, he has gotten his CGC, Canine Good Citizen and the biggest news of all, in June, he will graduate as a therapy dog.

Way to go Percy. I always knew there were great things ahead for you.

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