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Greyhound running photo


Flocko     When I dust off the cob webs and go back over the years, I really don’t remember when I became so fascinated withView full post »

fawn greyhound photo

Just one more day

Talley    Just one more day Talley Ho. One more day to kiss your long nose, one more day to nestle my face in your velvet ears, one moreView full post »

White and fawn lab mix photo

Mr. Happy

Teddy    This happy guy is Teddy. He is the cutest and the sweetest puppy. He’s a youngster, probably about 6 months old and he isView full post »

Missing tonight Keizer, Oregon

Shadow I just saw this up on Facebook. If you are in the Salem-Keizer, Oregon area, please be on the lookout. ***ATTENTION KEIZERView full post »

poodle mix photo


Smokey    This cute little guy is Smokey. He is a one-year old poodle mix available for adoption at Marion County Dog Shelter. He is livelyView full post »

Rat terrier mix photo

Radar dishes

Austin    This little guy is so sweet. He’s a little shy, but it last moments. Once he realizes that there is a lap that he canView full post »

Brown and white chihuahua mix

Look into my eyes

Ginger Snap    Please, come a little closer, look deep, deep into my eyes. This 11 month old chihuahua mix is available for adoption at theView full post »


Holy smokes. I went from 5 days off to a 10-hour day. Whose idea was that? I’m adapting.View full post »

Scenes from the our day at Canine Utopia

If you are on a mobile device, you may have to view the video here. I loved our day at Canine Utopia in Vancouver, Washington. Thank youView full post »

Black American stafford terrier

All my bags are packed

Camille    Some times a dog loses their home through no fault of their own. It’s just life and it sucks. This sweet little lady isView full post »

Hunkering down

Riding the fireworks out    I seriously don’t think we prepare this much for a winter storm. Most of our dogs do well with theView full post »

What my fun looks like

I could have cleaned the house today… or I could have spent my time playing. House-0, Dust bunnies-1 If you are on a mobile device, youView full post »