Today was the final draw

White and blue greyhound photo


My love for greyhounds runs deep and goes back over a decade. I’ve volunteered for greyhound adoption in once capacity or another the entire time and love every minute of it.

I have known Minnie since she was three months old and I knew the day I met her that she would be coming home to me when she retired from her racing. In December 2006, I flew down to Florida to bring her home. She really had no interest in racing and it was time to start the next part of her career.

Greyhounds are perfect dogs to donate blood for other dogs. Many of them are universal donors and we had Minnie tested shortly after she got home. Turns out, she was a universal donor.

We have always been on call, when we were needed, we’d stop what we were doing and head to the clinic. Minnie was an awesome donor.She patiently stood still as they drew the blood and graciously accepted her after draw snack. I really have no idea how many times she has donated over the years or how many dogs she has helped past a critical state.

Today was Minnie’s last draw. She’s reached the age where it is time to retire from donating blood.

White and blue greyhound photo

Miss Minnie, thank you so much for all you have done to help other dogs. We love you honey girl.

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