Loving Maine

Rockport harbor at sunset photo

Rockport Harbor    

Maine is just as beautiful as all of the brochures say it is. Maine Media is tucked away in a forest of trees, isolated and yet, everything is within walking distance.

Rockport harbor at sunset

Looking east   


Model for class

Workshop model   

Our workshop officially started today and it is awesome. Once again, I have been fortunate enough to have bells go off and dots connect to help me become a stronger photographer. Our class is very small and my instructor is bound and determined to help me see life from a more artistic point of view. I am so excited. We spent the morning in lecture and the afternoon in an old empty warehouse, complete with an IMB Selectric typewriter.

We all eat dinner together under a big tent and the opportunity to meet people all over has been so much fun. Students travel from far and wide to attend classes here.

After dinner, a classmate that drove up from Boston graciously offered to drive me out around the harbor so that I could enjoy an east coast sunset.


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