Stormy weather

Storm on the horizon?

Earlier this year I got wind that one of my favorite instructors was teaching a photography workshop on lighting. I thought it would be fabulous to attend. The instructor was an amazing photographer with an even more amazing grasp of Canon Speedlights. I have devoured his books, cover to cover.

The workshop was at a school I knew nothing about, in a part of the country I had never been to. I quickly secured my spot in anticipation of traveling to Maine Media in Camden/Rockport, Maine.

About one month before the workshop, just after I paid the balance of my tuition and booked my flight, I heard from the school saying that the instructor had to cancel and they had replaced him with a ringer, another instructor. I’m not going to lie, I was terribly disappointed.

The reality is, I have so much to learn and who am I to say that the new instructor wouldn’t have even more to offer to my always expanding repertoire of knowledge.

Chris Pinchbeck

Enter Chris Pinchbeck. Despite the mystery that lay before me, I loved him from the very first day.

Back-to-back, Chris had woodworking shop and a small studio

I did my due diligence as I researched him on the Internet. He was a commercial photographer on the coast of Maine with a Canon lens and a twist. An article that I uncovered said he built bagpipes, Scottish Smallpipes.

I guess if you are going to build bagpipes, you also have to play them. Each set that he builds is custom and incredibly beautiful to both the eyes and the ears.

Ollie the golden doodle and Chris

Before the workshop began, he sent out an email “getting to know us.” I responded right away and told him about my love for pet photography. He responded by bringing his beautiful dog Ollie out to model on one of the days.

A blow out sense of humor

Along with his knowledge and his love for dogs, his sense of humor was second to none. Chris offered this set-up shot to the group and I jumped for it without a second thought. We sent his brother-in-law off to get a paper. I thought the paper selection was random, but when you read the headlines on the back page, you tell me.

Prepared for anything

Was spending a week with an instructor I knew little about stormy weather? Absolutely not.

Chris worked our butts off. We met at 9 am every morning and he would cut us loose between 5:30 and 6 pm every night. Within the hour on the first day he was sending new knowledge my way and by the end of the each day, new ideas and inspiration were flooding my world.

Chris Pinchbeck

The reality is, I’m really glad the workshop changed. I tip my hat to the ringer, Chris Pinchbeck. It was an awesome week and I thank you.

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