Finding friends

AJ and Lily  

When we brought Timber home nearly two years ago, we didn’t know very much. We didn’t know much about him, he was the first borzoi we had ever met and we had no idea he had another family out there.

One-by-one through Facebook, litter mates began emerging. It was the perfect reference for us and the 10,000 questions we had. If you asked me then if I would make Connecticut part of my vacation plans, I probably would have laughed and gracefully declined.

As it turns out, I found myself looking up Connecticut on Google Maps just to see how far we would really have to travel to meet one of Timber’s litter mates and his family. Turns out going from state-to-state on the east coast is a heck of a lot faster than the west coast.


And so, on a Monday morning we woke up in Bar Harbor, Maine and drove down the coast through New Hampshire and Massachusetts to meet a borzoi and his family that we met through Facebook. It was a really fast 24 hours that we spent with AJ, but we came home loving him like he is one of our own. In fact, we felt like we had known the entire family for a lifetime.


This pretty little lady is AJ’s half sister. Watching them play was so much fun. They wrestle like no other dogs I have watched.

AJ and Lily   

I was so glad that they opened their home to us. It was more than worth the drive down there.

‘Till we meet again.


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