Beach bound hounds

Crystal and Pete

Crystal and Pete   

I grew up in the Rocky Mountain region, specifically Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Lots of cold, lots of snow and no ocean beaches. When we moved to the Pacific Northwest, I knew I was home. Living is Salem, Oregon is really perfect. We’re an hour from the mountains, an hour from Portland and an hour from the coast.

My favorite of all is the beach. It’s a little bit like a box o’ chocolates (many thanks Forrest Gump), we never really know for sure what the weather will be like until we’re standing in the sand. I’ve wanted to get out for some sunsets my entire vacation, but I would talk myself out of it at the very last minute fearing that we would get fogged in. I have really good weather program that I watch, but even it has let me down on occasion.

Today was my last day of vacation and we decided we needed to feel the ocean air at least once.

Mid day is not my favorite time, but today in Pacific City, Oregon it was spectacular. I’m so glad we took the chance and drove out to the beach. My beach bound hounds were awesome models.

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