Maxine and Serena

Max and Serena

Max and Serena   

Somedays the stars align perfectly.

We had just finished photographing the adoptable pets at the Marion County Dog Shelter and were out and about running Saturday errands. Our first stop was Nature’s Pet Salem for a few essentials and were walking down to lunch when this adorable pair were coming toward us.

Talk about cute. Their coat markings were nearly identical and despite the fact that Maxine towered over Serena, they were beautiful together. Of course we had to stop and love the doggies, how could we not?

I usually try to control myself, but I knew that my camera was sitting in my car and I knew I would regret it if I didn’t try and take a few photos.

Everyone around humored me as I worked with the two for just a few minutes. I was so glad my camera was so close at hand.

Thank Max and Serena.

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