Weimie wheels

Weimaraner on wheels at the beach

Emma, weimie on wheels   

When Emma was diagnosed with lymphoma a few weeks ago, I suggested to Holly that we do a photo session soon. I really don’t know much about lymphoma and how Emma will feel. Holly asked if we could go to the beach since that is Emma’s favorite place to go.

I made sure that Emma brought her wheels since it has been pretty hard for Emma to get around for about two years now.

I also recommended that Emma have a tennis ball, it is perhaps the one thing she loves more than Holly.

Weimaraner walking on the Pacific coast

Emma and Holly walking in the surf   

After a while of chasing tennis balls with her wheels, we thought we would let Emma out to rest in the sun and sand. What none of us expected was to see Emma get up and start walking around… and she walked and walked and walked for probably an hour.

Holly remained her faithful companion as Emma walked along the surf carrying her tennis ball.

Was it the beach that had super powers, or the tennis ball or perhaps it was Emma’s love for Holly. Emma wanted to give Holly a happy memory that would last forever.



By the end of the session, Emma was a little sandy, a little wet, quite proud of herself and one very happy dog. She even walked back to the car.

Holly, these are the happy memories you hold in your heart forever.

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