Welcome to the family Lil’ J

Italian greyhound photo

Sadie and Caleb   

Nine weeks ago today my daughter Megan’s heart was shattered in a million pieces as she said good bye to a little girl she loved more than life.

I promised her that she would find another to love, it wouldn’t be the same love, and it could never replace Sadie, but she would love again.

Caleb and Megan have spent the time cuddling and loving and doing the best they could to get through each day.

And then, one day about three weeks ago, Megan started to look for another dog.

Italian greyhound

Jericho and Ryan, “Are you my new dad?”   

I never, ever meant to be a meddling mom. My daughters are grown with families of their own, but when Megan said she was looking for another iggy, aliens entered my body. I couldn’t be controlled. I went into full throttle search mode.

I turned over every rock, I looked behind every tree, I contacted every dog person I knew looking for an Italian greyhound. Many thanks to all who helped me look.

As a side note, last weekend our son-in-law Ryan beat two American weight lifting records, I forgot all about giving him a shout out and congrats because the aliens had me in search mode.

Red and white Italian greyhound

Introducing Jericho

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. When we sent it out to the universe that Megan was ready for another Italian greyhound, six year old Jericho appeared. I met him last week and knew in an instant that he would be perfect. He’s very much a gentleman, he likes dogs and he likes kids.

We arranged for Megan and Ryan to meet him today. There was never any doubt, he went home with them this afternoon.

Two Italian greyhounds

Caleb and Jericho   

Of course, I wasn’t about to let them leave without first taking a photo of the new brothers side by side.

Welcome to the family Lil’ J.

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